01. I regret to [inform] you that you have not been chosen for the position for which you applied.
02. People often complain about the government spending too much money advertising its achievements, but the simple truth is that the public need to be [informed] of programs available to them.
03. You will be [informed] of our decision immediately after our meeting today.
04. The management needs to [inform] its workers as soon as possible if any lay-offs are going to be part of their plans to save money.
05. You must [inform] your bank immediately if your credit cards are lost or stolen.
06. We are pleased to [inform] you that your song has been chosen for our best-of-the-city CD.
07. When will I be [informed] of your decision?
08. The airliner needs to keep the union [informed] of any future lay-offs of staff.
09. Studies show that Korean-Americans and Hispanics are less likely than Anglos and African-Americans to believe a patient should be fully [informed] about a serious illness.
10. The government seems to have been [misinformed] somewhat regarding the events which led up to the riot which occurred.
11. There is a Russian proverb which states that a pessimist is a well-[informed] optimist.
12. A Latin proverb tells us that the face is the portrait of the mind; the eyes, its [informers].
13. William Hastie once suggested that history [informs] us of past mistakes from which we can learn without repeating them.
14. Abbie Hoffman once stated that the idea that media is there to educate us or to [inform] us is ridiculous because that's about tenth or eleventh on their list.
15. In October of 1962, President John F. Kennedy was [informed] that the Soviet Union had placed nuclear missiles in Cuba.
16. In 1939, Albert Einstein sent a letter to President Roosevelt [informing] him of German atomic research, and the potential for a bomb.
17. Your presentation was both [informative] and entertaining.
18. I've afraid you've been [misinformed]. Mr. Harris no longer works for us.

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